Wednesday, 5 July 2017

15mm Sci-Fi Light Mech Squad

I've ordered three more of the 28mm Copplestone power armour figures with rotary cannon from Moonfleet Miniatures, to build a six figure strong light mech squad for my 15mm sci-fi Massive Atomic corporate army. Although they will operate as single figures I thought it made sense to group them together into a unit, rather than have them wandering about on their own. I have some walking and standing bodies so that the unit will have a bit of variation and I can position the weapons at slightly different angles too. I think they'll look pretty cool, especially if I paint them to match the armoured hover vehicles.


  1. They'll look pretty wicked next to 15mm figures. I've used Heavy Gear figures for the sme role, though they are a bit more "agile" looking.

    Your guys look nice and beefy :)

  2. I reckon so, especially if I add some suitable decals. I'm hoping to assemble and undercoating the first three tomorrow.