Sunday, 9 July 2017

15mm Sci Fi Armour Block Painting


I made some progress with the tanks, APC's and light mechs yesterday, making up for the fact that I don't have an airbrush for this sort of thing. I started with an overall wet brush of Foundry Phlegm Green Shade, one of my favourite colours, followed by a heavy dry brush in 50:50 Phlegm Green Shade and Phlegm Green. After this had dried I washed everything in a 50:50 solution of water and GW Athonian Camoshade ink, which because of the heat dried with a white residue, so I had to go over this again to sort it out. I ended with another dry brush of Phlegm Green and a bit of shading in the panel lines and corners with some GW Nuln Oil wash. It's on to the hover skirts, details and decals next.


  1. Looking good. Have you an opposing force in mind?

  2. Looks pretty legit :)

    I always want to muddy up my tanks but it's hard to get that to look nice on dark green vehicles.

  3. Plenty of weathering on the way, as soon as I have finished the main paint work. I find a three stage Foundry Drab drybrush works well.

    1. I'll definitely be following how you do that :)

  4. I have a few options for opposition but will probably use GZG NAC figures and Brigade SAC vehicles.