Friday, 23 June 2017

Sci Fi Scenario Generator

I thought this might be useful when planning ahead for 15mm sci-fi platoon level gaming and, as usual with Nordic Weasel material, it delivers exactly what it says on the cover. There is a scenario and campaign generating system in No Stars in Sight already, which is perfectly good, but I thought this little supplement for generic use would also be handy.

The scenario generation bit consists of a series of charts and tables which, together with a D10, will give you a well focussed and logical basis for a range of missions including defensive, offensive and 'patrol' type objectives. I particularly like the way on which unequal or unbalanced forces can be incorporated so that neither side has an undue advantage over the other.

There is also quite a lot of 'randomness' to throw some uncertainty into the equation, so the Fog of War aspect is well represented. This includes side missions and unexpected circumstances that can pop up to spoil your day. This is a really good little supplement at a very good price and I'm keen to give it a try when I get my 15mm sci-fi forces are finished.


  1. You're welcome Ivan...well deserved plaudits!


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