Monday, 17 July 2017

Supreme Littleness Desert Fort Ruin

Here's one I didn't make earlier

I spotted this over the weekend and I'm sorely tempted to get one. It's 28mm and would work very well for the Back of Beyond or any other colonial skirmish themed game, from the North West Frontier to the Arabian Desert. In fact, I'm sure it will turn up all over the place in The Men Who Would Be Kings and Arab Revolt scenarios and such like.

However, I really want one in 15mm to use for my post-colonial retreat from Empire plans, as it would be just the job for the hilltops of the Radfan. I guess I'll just have to wait until the 15mm equivalent arrives in the web shop thingy. I think I'll ping an email off to the Supreme Littleness HQ with a polite request in the meantime.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

15mm Sci-Fi Slowdown

I've been busy and really tied up with family stuff over the last week or so, which means that progress on the 15mm Sci-Fi Summer project has stalled a bit of late. I have painted in the gun barrels on the tanks, APC's and mechs, however, using a 50:50 mix of Foundry Black and Charcoal Grey Shade. I'm off to yet another cricket match tomorrow morning with the sprog but should be able to get some of the stowage painted by the end of the day, if I get my skates on.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

15mm Sci-Fi Landing Pads

You can't really have a proper sci-fi campaign without some sort of 'get to da chopper' scenario objective or a dropship combat insertion of some sort. Not having a dropship, or even a chopper for that matter, I do now have two landing pads to either extract my forces from imminent overrun or to drop them from low orbit into the assault.

The bigger of the two is from the new sci-fi range by Warbases and should do for any heavy lifting, or dropping off, whilst the smaller and slightly more futuristic one is from Blotz. I particularly like the smaller one as I think it's a better design and really looks futuristic rather than the more industrial Warhamster 40K look of the Warbases one.

They didn't take more than ten to fifteen minutes to glue together and are very well designed, so particularly easy to construct. I did use up a whole can of Humbrol Sea Grey spray paint on the two, however, as the 2mm laser cut mdf doesn't half soak it up at a rate.

I'll do a bit of drybrushing and detailing when I get the time, with some masked up hazard warning stripes if I'm brave enough. Ideally, I'd base them on an irregular mdf template of some sort but I don't have any to hand that are big enough, so they'll have to be free standing in the meantime.

You can find them on the Warbases and Blotz webshop thingy:

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Stout Hearts

A great book at a great price on the Kindle. This is currently available for only a couple of quid and is a very thorough, systematic and well-structured account of the British and Canadian role from D-Day to the close of the Normandy campaign. It contains a wealth of information and some excellent primary source material including numerous first hand accounts and photographs. Absolutely brilliant if you have an interest in the subject and invaluable if you like a bit of historical depth in your wargaming. It even had me rummaging in the lead pile for 15mm Late War British and flicking through my copy of I Ain't Been Shot Mum, so it must be good!

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Massive Atomic Cyclops Medium Mech

I had a go at working out the stats for the 28mm Copplestone Castings power armour figures that I'm redeploying as 15mm mechs in the Massive Atomic corporate army, using the ever so handy Gruntz Barracks software. In the end, I have made them Medium rather than Light mecha, so that I could load them out with a vehicle medium gatling, a couple of grenade launchers and a pair of vehicle machine guns, as depicted on the models. I didn't add any 'modz', as I thought this was more than enough to put the boot in as and when required, and at 43 points they are not exactly cheap either!

Monday, 10 July 2017

15mm Sci-Fi Armour Hover Skirts

I started on the hover skirts, for want of a better word, this evening with a basecoat of Foundry Granite Shade and a second layer of Foundry Granite. I was aiming for a battle worn and washed out look rather than just painting them black, so I think I'm heading in the right direction. I may add a highlight of Foundry Granite Light and possibly a wash of GW Nuln Oil in the divisions between the skirt sections but, for the moment, I'm letting them dry out completely before I do anything else. It's all a bit shiny at the moment but I'll be spraying everything in Army Painter matt varnish when I've finished.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Starbase 962

I was just saying the other day that there's a bit of a shortage of laser cut mdf sci-fi buildings in 15mm, when Warbases go and start a whole new range called Starbase 962. This is designed around a modular style of building and some associated industrial and military structures, so pretty versatile and very useful. In the past, I've always used resin buildings and will no doubt go down that route in the future but, for speed of production and painting as well as cost and weight to a lesser degree, I'm going to try out the laser cut mdf option. I've ordered a few of the modular buildings and a landing pad (another one!) to see what they're like and how quickly I can put them together, with a 10% discount as an added incentive.

15mm Sci Fi Armour Block Painting


I made some progress with the tanks, APC's and light mechs yesterday, making up for the fact that I don't have an airbrush for this sort of thing. I started with an overall wet brush of Foundry Phlegm Green Shade, one of my favourite colours, followed by a heavy dry brush in 50:50 Phlegm Green Shade and Phlegm Green. After this had dried I washed everything in a 50:50 solution of water and GW Athonian Camoshade ink, which because of the heat dried with a white residue, so I had to go over this again to sort it out. I ended with another dry brush of Phlegm Green and a bit of shading in the panel lines and corners with some GW Nuln Oil wash. It's on to the hover skirts, details and decals next.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

15mm Sci Fi Light Mech Scale Comparison

I have assembled and under coated the three 28mm Copplestone power armour figures that I'm using as light walkers or mechs for my 15mm sci-fi project, very much in a Heavy Gear style. I thought I'd take a couple of comparative photos alongside the 15mm figures and vehicles to see how they matched up in terms of design and scale. I think they look spot on and, when I have a whole squad assembled, will complement the GZG 'cyclops' helmet figures and Gauntlet hover APC's really well.

15mm Sci-Fi Infantry Basing

I textured the bases on the hard suit infantry yesterday, which took ages as I used a brush to apply the thick PVA and had to avoid getting it all over their feet. I was worried that the edges of the figure bases would show through the grit and sand mix once the glue had dried but, in the end, this only affected a couple of the figures and the rest look fine. I will now paint and dry brush the bases, although I'm tempted to just leave them, which is a bit lazy but would save a lot of time.